Raquel Lourenço

Federica Costa was recommended to me when I was looking for an Italian translator for our marketing assets: advertisement, social media content, email marketing and conference presentations. I was thrilled to find a translator who could translate content in any of our working languages – English, Spanish and Portuguese – to Italian. It impressed me a lot her professionalism at meeting deadlines. If she tells you, she will do it, she won’t disappoint. Further, her advice to properly localize our content and make it suitable for our Italian audience was essential for our success in this country. Even though she is a non-native Spanish speaker, we didn’t hesitate to hire her services to review our Spanish articles, as her proficiency in this language is quite high. She is definitely a solution-oriented professional and a joy to work with, making the translation/localization process easy and smooth. I couldn’t recommend her more.


Manuel Moreno

Tuve la suerte de trabajar con Fede en FX Interactive durante un largo periodo. En su campo es absolutamente fiable, dedicada y profesional. Con la inmejorable actitud que demuestra ante cualquier tarea, logra que la colaboración sea tremendamente sencilla. Toda una garantía poder contar con ella para cualquier proyecto editorial.

Luigi Surace

Federica is a great professional. She approaches every work we assigned her caring for our needs. Always very keen and respecting any deadline we gave her. She helped us a lot to improve our capacity to easily get to the Spanish consumers thanks to properly translation on our materials.


Pablo Ruiz Tejedor

En los últimos 30 años he colaborado con muchos traductores para localizar más de 300 videojuegos a multitud de idiomas y hablo desde la experiencia cuando digo que el trabajo de Fede es sobresaliente!!! Federica destaca por el cuidado y detalle con el que realiza todos sus encargos, su profesionalidad y el cumplimiento estricto de las fechas.


Fernando Conde

Possibly one of the main things I can say about Federica is that I really miss working with her. During the time we worked together at FX Interactive, she was responsible for a huge deal of product translations that where a raving success both in meeting the deadlines (against many odds) and getting the Italian critic and public appraisal. She has a great “can do” attitude, and you could just drop a complicated translation on her lap and feel safe about it being on time and form, even when the “time” was pretty on the short side. To top it off, she’s just great to be around, generating a very positive working environment even in the toughest times. In a nutshell: Whenever you have the chance to work with her, just take it.