is the most popular online chess platform in the world, with millions of players from all countries, and it has been translated into almost all languages. I’ve been working with this company since 2014, and am responsible for the Italian version of the platform. I’ve also localised the mobile app and the chess website for younger children, ChessKids, as well as keeping the content on the main website up to date.



Drakensang – The Dark Eye is a role-playing video game developed by German studio Radon Labs. I still remember the day we received the product: a huge project containing more than 200,000 words. Since the deadlines were rather tight, as is often the case in this line of work, it was necessary to contact external translators to share the project, to create a shared glossary with the other collaborators to be updated in real time, and to manage each translator’s submissions. On this occasion, I experienced the role of the project manager, as well as the already familiar work of the translator. On the other hand, as the games in this genre are generally based on fantasy, it’s important to use your imagination in order to replicate the world of the game to perfection. That was definitely a memorable project, in which I took care of the localisation, as well as the translation of the game manual and supplementary content.

FX Football

FX Football is a football manager game developed in full by FX Interactive. Among the hundreds of video games which I’ve localised throughout my translation career, this was without a doubt one of the most challenging, as despite my fluency in both source and target languages, football terminology isn’t my forte. In order to translate the game, I had to carry out extensive research, consult football forums, watch technical videos, and above all, draw on the wisdom of friends and family who know far more about the subject than me. As well as localising the game, I also handled the linguistic testing, translation of the user manual, and related online content.

MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises is the largest private cruise company in the world, and a market leader in Europe and Latin America. I must confess that tourism is my favourite field to work in, so translating MSC’s content for more than four years has been a real pleasure. As I worked with the Spanish branch of the company, I worked with the English>Spanish language combination. I was responsible for translating seasonal catalogues and catalogues for specific destinations, updating the content on the MSC official website, translating legal texts, and much more. In addition, I localised the company’s mobile app.


Losan Fashion

LOSAN is a Spanish fashion company which has been active in the sector since 1985. The company designs garments for men, women and children, releasing two collections each year. As a collaborator with the company, I initially localised the entire website in Italian. Now, I keep the content up-to-date, as it changes every month. My tasks also include translating the seasonal catalogues, containing 1,700 product references, twice a year. Meanwhile, on a weekly basis, I take care of translating the content published on Losan’s social networks, including Facebook and Instagram. Finally, I also translate marketing newsletters and promotional videos for the company’s YouTube channel.

Voices of Women

Voices of Women is a project by Raquel Lourenço, which aims to fight gender inequality by telling the stories of women all over the world.
Working in the human rights field is very moving, and this collaboration has been extremely rewarding as it has taught me a lot, and not just professionally.
At Voices of Women, I work as an editor of articles written in Spanish and as an Italian translator of the presentations which Raquel organizes in the boot-shaped country, and of the content which she publishes on the social networks where VoW speaks out, echoing the voices of numerous other women.